Monday, August 1, 2011


By popular demand (well okay one guy, thanks Steve, said I should try doing some) I am offering a limited selection of super awesome, highly collectible SKETCH CARDS! Each one is an original piece of art! They are 2"x3.5" on illustration board, and are done with ink, watercolor, and a bit of airbrush. So far I only have the color ones, but I could be coerced into doing black and white, and I'll be happy to take commissions (time allowing). All the cards are a mere 19.99 us dollars while supplies last! Go HERE to see them all!


So I did this story in 2004? I think. It's been a long while. And I did it for the Sequential Art department's anthology "Senses". I did it with a nod to the manga genius Taiyo Matsumoto. If you haven't read anything from him, you should. Programming note, read from the top down. enjoy, Dove.