Monday, March 14, 2011

My process

So I decided to post a couple of images of my process.
The first image is of my roughs. Usually what I do is print the script, and after I've read it MULTIPLE times I gather  the reference I need and start the thumb-nailing process. I have a plastic template guide that I use to draw the correct page size on the script page (hopefully it fits on the script) then I work and re-work the panels as needed until I get what I think is a good layout. Click below to see a larger version.
Next, I rough in all pages at full size. These are very rough, and just for general placement of figures, architectural elements, etc. As I work on the panels I tape around each one a full size sheet of letter size bristol so I can draw through the panels for figures, place horizon lines and just generally keep it neat. The page below is at that stage.
And finally I go in with a SHARP non photo blue lead holder, lots of templates (straight edge, french curves, ship curves etc.) and tighten everything up. The fact that the blue doesn't erase is a good thing for me. After I've tightened everything, I erase the whole page and the "rougher" light blue pencil disappears and leaves me with a pretty "tight" look. -dove


  1. I love seeing this! It looks AWESOME Sweetheart!(No bias here!) :) I love you and am sooooo proud of you!!! :)

  2. Thanks sweety, I like seeing you.