Monday, June 20, 2011

The Empire Strikes ME!

So here's a little something I did for the Periodic Heroes blog, but as usual, after the mad rush dies down over there, I post them here. And as usual, below you will find my inks, and my colors. Also you can find this piece for sale on my "original art for sale" page here.


  1. Somebody named Srikara Srinidhi has put your work up for sale on
    He/she claims to have done it by himself/herself.

  2. Thanks Anonymous! This is a first for me so I really appreciate the "heads up". And it looks like this "gem" of a person has stolen many images. -dove

  3. Your welcome.
    I'm totally against plagiarism. But this is one step further, he/she is using your images directly. Not even drawing it out, but downloading your picture and uploading it as his/her own.
    Even after people found out he/she continued leaving it on sale.

    1. They have stopped selling it on Fine Art America, and Google has pulled the large image off his Google plus account. Thanks Again for your help. Maybe we have stopped him from continuing to steal. I noticed his account is full of tracing and stealing. Thanks, U ROK! -dove

    2. No problem.
      The thing is, so many people told him/her but he/she just ignored it. Passing off so many works of art as your own and making money out of it is just sick.

      BTW, never got to tell you this. Your work is amazing!

    3. Yeah I noticed several pieces I recognized from other places. I think I see a Brian Bolland cover from "The Killing Joke" Jim Lee, and Brian Hitch. And wow, thanks! That's really nice of you to say about my stuff!-dove

    4. Hey, it is! Wow, you know your comics.