Friday, February 24, 2012

New portrait of ME!

So I have some cool news. The art supply company Caran d'Ache is making an incredible non-photo blue pencil that should be out soon. I know this because it was my idea and I've been working with them to perfect it. If you are an artist who uses non photo blue to pencil with prepare to be amazed. Not only is it soft, and no waxy, but it ERASES LIKE  DREAM. Also my art will be on the packaging. Cool huh? Anyway I did a self portrait that will be included on the tear sheet, so I thought I would share it with you. The pencils should be out really soon.


  1. Man, that is awesome to hear. i'll definitely try them out. i always avoided the blue pencils because they couldnt erase and my underdrawing is generally so eratic, that I would just end up confused.heh. This sounds like a great pencil, And if your handsome mug is on the package art, who wouldnt buy them!?!?

    1. I'll probably be getting some (hopefully a ton) and I'll make sure you get one. They are also going to have lead for a mechanical lead holder.