Monday, July 30, 2012

I need help

Hey out there in the internet village, I need HELP from someone who's really good at SketchUp. I need a submarine model (like something similar to the sketches below). It just needs to be monochromatic and just the exterior. Shoot me an email if interested. I would be happy to pay for your time, or maybe we could work out some sort of trade?


  1. I might be able to built it in Blender, but I need to sharpen my sketchup skills to do this. Have you asked Nicky? I think he's a sketchup pro.

    1. Hey Phil thanks for the reply! Would I have to have Blender to use that model or could I manipulate it in Sketchup?

    2. Check your e-mail. Already did one for you. BAM! Like that.