Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crogan's March animated!

So I have a friend,  Chris Schweizer. He is a kindred spirit indeed and an amazing cartoonist! Check out his two incredible books from Oni Press Crogan's Vengeance, and Crogan's March (I wish I could have  illustrated a chapter in both). Anyway, I had been wanting to draw his characters for a long time, the subject matter is so far up my alley that it seems like it could have been plucked from subconscious, and I finally sat down to do something "finished".  So I thought "What would Crogan's March look like animated? Let's find out." Below you will see my attempt at creating an animation background and a cel. I've always loved the way these things looked in person and although it's a ton of work, you get something really cool as a finished product. All stages below. Thanks for writing such cool books Chris.


  1. That's fantastic. What kind of paint is used on the cels?

  2. Hey Paulina
    This is just acrylic paint. They sell "cel paint", but you can use any acrylic (slightly thinned with water). Just don't use paints that are re-activated with water (like gouache). And the key is to kind of pool the paint, not brush it on. You just don't want any strokes showing.