Sunday, December 4, 2011


More cel painting. This time it's an old design of a ghost I did when I was talking with Dan Vado at Slave Labor about doing Haunted Mansion comics (it woulda' been a dream job for me,...oh well). I just kinda improvised the background. The first image is the back of the cel.
ps. sorry about the photos, my scanner died. Anybody want to donate one to me?
 Then the front of the cel
 Then the background
 And TA-DA the finished product.


  1. The recent cell paintings are great! Is this process taking you longer?

  2. The only reason it may take any longer is because I have to mix colors, and in large quantities. If I had a huge spectrum of pre mixed paint, it would be quick. And btw, the stuff you've been putting on your blog is killer!

  3. Really? I've been drawing and if the stuff on my blog is any good, the credits will have to go to my professors at SCAD that taught "Drawing for Sequential Art" and "Storyboarding". LOLx!!